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About Us


The worlds finest gathering of luxury beauty experts. Engineered for those looking for seamless beauty experiences and results.

Whether you need to get red carpet ready with just a few hours to go, to get the ultimate beauty products delivered to your doorsteps or to book pleasant and effective luxury beauty services, we are here to cater for you. 

Our house experts as well as our visiting experts are among the elite in the beauty industry. They have earned their reputation through years of hard work and dedication to creativity and clean beauty. 

The brands we represent need to pass 3 demanding criteria:

The brand must have been created by one of the best names in the beauty industry. There is an important reason for this. A leading make up artist, stylist or facialist have years of experience catering to the needs of demanding A-listers and knows which products and services perform and which do not. The expert has  typically developed his/her own products out of a self serving need because there is not anything like it available on the market. This is true beauty authenticity rather than a whipped up product by a marketing department which has reacted to consumer trends rather than creating them.

The brand must feel luxurious and be among the best in it 's given category. We will never compromise on quality and performance.

The brand must be clean and working towards creating a positive impact in society, while minimising it s environmental footprint. For instance, David Mallett seeks to maximise the level of botanical ingredients in his range and produce locally. Apotheke gives back to the community via the Bowery Foundation and Lisa Franklin is committed to using sustainable ingredients where available and use recyclable packaging. As a result, the brands that we carry have been recognised for one or several of the following credentials

Positive Luxury

Cruelty Free & No testing on animals

100% Vegan

PF and LSF

No child labor


Lilac also works hard to secure you perks – from complimentary products and treatments, advantageous packages to preferred rates – as well as saving you from doing the complex and time consuming bookings yourself. Follow our newsletters to read what's on offer. We will work with instant messenging to allow you to spend time on enjoying your good looks and wellbeing.